Your Questions- Answered!

Perfectly Whipped

Your Questions- Answered!

"Do you hand-make everything in your store?"-  Yes we do! We only buy ingredients that are all natural and skin safe for adult and little bodies.

"How sanitary are handmade products?"- We follow all guidelines for handmade products very strictly. We always wear all appropriate gear when making everything. We want you and your bodies to be safe!

"Do you use SLS?"- No, we do not use any SLS in our products but we use a natural plant deprived alternative called SLSA. We have done our research and SLSA is the safest for use in products that want a foaming factor to them. 

"What type of fragrance do you use for your products?"- We love using essential oils in our products. We also use fragrance oils which are known as "aroma" oils which are diluted to be used for bath and body products. These are the same type of fragrance oils you would find in handmade soap!

"Do you use a preservative in your products?"- That's a great question! Now we know that a lot of people are against preservatives without knowing much about them. We use a small percentage of preservative that is paraben free because most of our products either contain water or will come in contact with water. Now the scary thing about that is, is that mold can start to grow and can be very harmful to you. Note that our preservative is totally safe and keeps your products fresher for longer!

"What is the shelf-life of your products?"- Our lotions, sugar scrubs, facial masks all have a shelf life of up to one year. Our bath bombs on the other hand are fresh for about 6 months- now that doesn't mean that they are no good after that time. It just means that they will start to lose their fragrance and fizz, but they are still totally safe to use!