Perfectly Whipped


I love to send my products in exchange for photos and reviews to different bloggers! I get a tremendous amount of emails asking to collaborate but I have sadly lost a large amount of money due to people not following up with their promise to collaborate. I have decided to write up what I would like to get back in exchange for products. Please understand that I am a solo in my business and all my products take my time and effort and I would like to see the same done in return. 

1. Please post a picture (not Instagram story) of my products. I do not benefit from a quick story on your Instagram! I like to see creative pictures being taking of my products because that is what helps me advertise. Plus you will always receive a fair dollar amount for my products so I would like a picture in return.

2. Please be detailed in your description. I will most likely make a special code for your followers- usually a discount! I feel like that helps people like your photos plus helps traffic to my website. 

3. I will only send to accounts that have a substantial amount of followers and not spam followers, but those who actually engage in your posts. I do not send to people to simply enjoy receiving free products- this is a way of advertising for me!

4. Lastly- enjoy! I honestly stand behind my products and love honest opinions. I believe in using products that are good for our skin and I appreciate small business's that handcraft their own products. It's very dear to me and I'd love to share that with you!

If you agree with all my guidelines, please don't hesitate to email me about a collaboration and include that you have read and agreed to them. 

Have a wonderful day loves!