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"Spa Yourself" Kit PREORDER


Image of "Spa Yourself" Kit PREORDER Image of "Spa Yourself" Kit PREORDER

The perfect kit for a spa night at home. We have combined some of our favorites for the perfect "pampering". Whether for yourself or as a gift, we are sure this is the perfect pair.

Included in our "Spa Yourself" kit is a 2 oz bottle of our "Rose" Body and Face Oil. This oil is a multipurpose oil packed with skin loving oils that will leave your skin smooth, moisturized, and most importantly, happy!

We have also included our Facial Mask. We can't say enough good about the ingredients packed into this mask. Made with Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Clay and Essential Oils we are sure this will become one of your favorites too!

Lastly we have included our relaxing mineral salts made with Avocado and Safflower Oils. Our mineral salts are finely milled then mixed with Epsom salts to have a soft texture, and lastly combined with our favorite essential oils and dried flowers.

100% Natural- Vegan- Handmade