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Creamy Emulsified Sugar Scrub


Image of Creamy Emulsified Sugar Scrub Image of Creamy Emulsified Sugar Scrub Image of Creamy Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Moisturize and exfoliate your skin at the same time with our emulsified sugar scrub. This scrub contains mango butter, safflower oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. This is best used in the shower as the mango butter leaves your skin feeling extra moisturized.

Ingredients you need to know about:

Mango Butter- Its packed with Vitamin C which helps tighten and soothe the skin. It also treats dry and irritated skin which is why its the perfect ingredient for a sugar scrub. This butter is also known to calm insect bites and poison ivy, so don't be afraid to scrub yourself down after that camping trip!

Coconut Oil- We all know the hype about coconut oil, but what are some benefits of it? Firstly this oil is naturally antibacterial which is a huge plus for our bodies. It is used as a skin softener which is why we see it in so many beauty products. It is also known to help with skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and even acne.

Sweet Almond Oil- We love this oil because of how light and absorbing it is. It is one of the best oils for sensitive skin which is why is it recommended for babies as a massage oil. It can help reduce appearance of skin rashes and contains collagen which helps with anti-aging.

Safflower Oil- Not many people know about this oil and the benefits that come with it. Firstly it helps improve the quality and texture of skin. It helps unclog pores, reduce rashes and even heal acne. This oil helps our skin retain water and moisture which will help with those who have dry skin.

To Use: Apply to wet skin and exfoliate until sugar dissolves and consistency becomes smooth like lotion. Wash off and pat dry. No need to apply moisturizer afterwards. Can be used on face and body.